At Hobart Airport, we want to make your experience as comfortable as possible. The terminal building features a range of facilities and support services to assist you.


If you need a wheelchair to help you out to your plane, or around the airport, please contact the airline you’re travelling with. It’s better to give them advance notice about the help you need, so they’re ready to help you.

Disabled parking

If you have a disabled parking permit on your vehicle we’ve saved you the most convenient parking spots in the drop-off and pick-up lane. For security reasons someone needs to stay with the car at all times.

If you prefer to come in to the terminal to say your hellos or goodbyes, and you have a disabled parking permit, use one of the dedicated disabled car spaces in the main car park. These are located close to the terminal with convenient access for passengers with disabilities.

If you need extra help for people with significant mobility issues, please contact our kerbside security staff on 0407 780 083 before arriving at the airport.

If you are a passenger and require assistance inside the terminal building or with getting onto your flight please contact your airline.

Toilet facilities at the Airport

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located inside the terminal building – follow the signs for the toilets outside the security clearance area or in Departures.

For Gate 4 and 6 arrivals: head into the departure lounge (near the retail shops) or use the facilities in the Gate 1 arrivals hall. (See map).

You can check our website to determine if your flight will arrive through Gate 1, Gate 4 or Gate 6.

Audio loop for hearing devices

For our visitors with hearing aids, the terminal building is equipped with an audio loop that helps you to hear what’s going on without the background noise.


Travel with Animals

If you are traveling on a commercial flight with animals, please arrange prior transportation with the airline you are travelling with. Both Qantas and Virgin aircraft offer this service.

Please be advised that there may be biosecurity import requirements relating to bringing pets, wildlife and livestock into Tasmania. The Biosecurity Tasmania website provides further information on importing all animals into Tasmania.

Please refer to the airline information and map below. 

Drop-off and collection points

Virgin flights

102 Holyman Avenue (next to Rotor-Lift Aviation)
Hobart Airport, TAS 7170

Qantas flights

Qantas Freight Building
Corner of Long and Johnson Road
Hobart Airport, TAS 7018