We love Tassie’s fresh air – we think it’s one of our greatest gifts!
To help preserve this and improve our guests experience our terminal forecourt is to be kept smoke free.

If you wish to smoke there are two small designated areas, one at each end of the terminal.

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in Australia. Butts littered on streets get washed into stormwater drains and into waterways where they leach toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lead and zinc. Butts are also commonly mistaken for food by marine life. Please keep Tassie beautiful and put your butts in the bins provided.

Lockers and Bag Storage

These services are not available at Hobart Airport.

  • Gate 1 arrivals hall, next to Market Place Cafe,
  • and departures lounge, to the left of the lounge, close to Tasmania & Beyond retail shop
Drinking Fountains
  • Gate 1 arrivals hall, baggage carousels,
  • and departures lounge, Gate 6
Bicycle Workshop

Our Bicycle Workshop is a bicycle service station unit that allows you to assemble, disassemble, inflate tyres via the foot pump and do minor maintenance on your bike.

This workshop is located within the Main car park just beyond the Valet parking office building and near Automatic Payment Machine #3/604.

To get there from the Arrivals Hall exit the terminal and turn left, walk along the outside footpath and cross at the pedestrian crossing into the Main car park (the workshop is signposted).

If you need directions please ask our customer service staff at the Valet office.

The facility is undercover, empty boxes are to be returned to the Oversized Baggage area or disposed of thoughtfully.

Toilet & parenting facilities

There are multiple bathroom amenities located within the terminal building. Please follow the signs to locate those nearest to you. Want to freshen up? Personal hygiene and basic medicinal products are available from ‘Runway News’ newsagency in the Departure Lounge.

For Gate 4 or 6 arrivals: head into the departure lounge (near the retail shops) or use the facilities in the Gate 1 arrivals hall.